Sozopol is an ancient town 35 km South of Bourgas, down the coast of Bulgaria.
The town is mostly known for the APOLLONIA art and film festival in early September.
Tourists come to enjoy history and culture of Bulgaria, plus a little of fusion cuisine (Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish).
Saint Thomas Island is right in front of Saint Thomas resort. Very small and wild it covers just 0,012 square kilometres.
The alternate name, SNAKE ISLAND, refers to the abundant grey water snakes that live the area, feeding on fish.
The Ropotamo is a relatively short river and wide open estuary in South east Bulgaria.
It’s a nature reserve and a popular tourist attraction, because of water lilies and the cliffs, perfect nest for the white-tailed eagles.
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Cape Maslen is right after the mouth of the river Ropotamo.
Its rocky profile and steep slope offer a great view to tourists who have climbed on top of it. You may see small and quiet coves among the fiords.
The city of Bourgas has a population of almost 200,000 people and is the 4th populated city of Bulgaria.
Distintive attractions in and outside the city :
The National Revival Architecture,
the Museum of History,
the Ethnographic Museum,
the Museum of Nature,
the Art Gallery.
The Sea Garden is also a lovely place to stroll in.
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Saint Thomas Residences is a holiday resort down the coast of Bulgaria. It is 10 Km South of Sozopol, about 45 km from Bourgas, in the area between Arkutino Bay and the mouth of the river Ropotamo.

The main citylink is Bourgas Airport (Bourgas is the 4th city of Bulgaria) routing to Russia, UK, Eastern and Central Europe. Bus and taxi service are available from the airport. You may also arrange for a cabbie upon arrival, calling straight our offices the time of booking.

If you travel by car the main interstate link with the coastroad is the route 99. When arriving in Bourgas just move South to Sozolpol, then pull out and follow the coast road (secondary road nr 99 in Bulgaria). There are about 10 minutes from Sozopol and the Saint Thomas Village.

Saint Thomas beach resort
towers cape Humata, facing
the Black Sea, down the coast
of Bulgaria.
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Down the sunny Black Sea coast you’ll find even more appealing seaside and protected areas. Perfect place to stay wild with nature.

If you want to explore Bulgaria at your own pace, there are plenty of places you may visit, following the seaside road North to South. Frequent tourist attractions are the Bulgarian National Revival architecture, museums, monasteries, ethnographic and historic reserves.

This is a shortlist of city towns and sites you may go visiting
down the South coast of Bulgaria.

  • BOURGAS (the 4th city of Bulgaria and citylink to the region)
  • SOZOPOL (ancient town 10 minutes north the Saint Thomas village)
  • ALEPOU LAKE (unexplored, warm salty waters area and beach seaside resort)
  • DUNI BEACH (2km shoreline and resort next Saint Thomas village)
  • ROPOTAMO RIVER (open estuary and nature reserve)
  • ARKUTINO MARSH (named ‘Fox's Marsh’, bosky seaside park and protected area)