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Flat Facilities include

  • 4 to 6 people to stay
  • 1 or 2 double bedrooms
  • living room
  • terrace looking the Black Sea
  • fully accessoried kitchen
  • TV / AUDIO rack set
  • air conditioning system
  • cable TV and telephone line
  • Internet available upon request
  • handy appliances (iron...etc)

Saint Thomas Holiday Village is a group of 250 private flats and a hotel overlooking the Black Sea in Bulgaria (Europe).

The 5 star complex offers many tourist and entertainment services such as restaurants, bar, a luxurious spa-centre and a modern wellness centre.

There is a multifunctional sport facility and also a large pool area facing the Black Sea.

Saint Thomas towers Cape Humata and is located in the Municipality of Sozopol, between Duni Beach and the Arkutino area.

The resort is surrounded by many protected areas and practically untouched sites of Bulgaria, such as lake Alepu, the Saint Thomas Island, Arkutino and the mouth of the river Ropotamo.

The village is planned with a green spirit.

Cars are forbidden inside the area (there is a dedicated parking next to the Village) and there is an indipendent wastewater treatment plant. No water-spoiling.

Saint Thomas residence is a perfect combination of both luxury accommodation and peaceful resort, where you enjoy the seaview and the best holiday close to the nature.

You may book some flats as 'self-catering-accommodation' through this website.

By using the kalends at left you may check for available dates to book (green dates are open, red and orange are taken or dealing).

The typical booking period is the summer season, starting from May. Please consider one week holiday the minimum reservation, or contact us to arrange a dedicated proposal.

Prices for holiday accommodation range from 60 euro to 150 euro per day for flats. You may call to discuss special booking offers, such as off-season plans or prolonged, full stay.